Supply Crates

Basics of supply crates

A supply crate drops every 10 minutes in a random location in the world. The crate will despawn after 30 minutes if the crate hasn't been collected. You can click a compass in your inventory for directions to the nearest supply crate. Supply crate drops are announced in the chat with the location of the crate. When a player collects a supply crate, it is announced in the chat.

Loot in supply crates

Drop crates contain weapons, ammunition, resources, and most importantly beautiful flowers. You earn $100 every time you collect a supply crate and receive 3 different items when opening a crate.

Loot table for supply crates

Special Items Rarity
Mission Common
Ammunition Uncommon
Grenades Uncommon
Weapons Rare

Vanilla Items

Experience Bottle Common
Random Sapling Common
Random Flower Common
Brown Mushroom Common
Red Mushroom Common
Potato Common
Carrot Common
Cocoa Beans Common
Sugar Cane Common
Beetroot Seeds Common
Chorus Fruit Common
Slime Ball Common
Ink Sac Common
Coal Common
Iron Ingot Common
Gold Ingot Common
Diamond Common
Emerald Common
Lapis Lazuli Common
Redstone Common
Quartz Common
Prismarine Shard Common
Prismarine Crystals Common
Phantom Membrane Uncommon
Golden Apple Uncommon
Shulker Shell Uncommon
Heart Of The Sea Rare
Trident Rare
Elytra Very Rare
Enchanted Golden Apple Very Rare