Ancient warfare


The vanilla combat system in ancient warfare is pre-1.9, meaning that there are no weapon cooldowns.

Modern warfare


Weapons such as pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, and more can be bought from the weapon shop. Right click to shoot, press Q to reload, shift for less recoil, and left click for a special mechanic that some weapons have such as aiming with a scope. Weapons have attributes such as damage, weight, speed, and spread that make them unique. Headshots and shots from behind deal more damage. A resource pack is required for the weapons but the resource pack is compatible with other resource packs. Click here to get the resource pack.


There are four different vehicles: jeeps, boats, planes, and helicopters. To control vehicles, use WASD and space. Once you buy a vehicle, you will have it forever. You can summon your vehicles from your garage. Shift while in the vehicle to un-summon the vehicle. A resource pack is required for the vehicles but the resource pack is compatible with other resource packs. Click here to get the resource pack.


You can create a nuclear reactor to fuel a furnace. To create a nuclear reactor, you need to place 1 reactor core, 3 cauldrons, 1 hopper, and then as last block 1 furnace. You much place the furnace as last block. To use the nuclear reactor, simply place fuel rods in the hopper. One fuel rod will keep the reactor running for 30 minutes. Radioactive nuclear waste will be produced while the reactor is running and will be deposited into the hopper or dropped on the ground if the hopper is full. Nuclear waste will radiate players if they hold it in their inventory or stand near it when its on the ground. Wear hazmat gear to reduce its effect! While the reactor is running it will use up the water in the cauldrons. The reactor will use one cauldron level of water every 60 seconds. If the reactor runs out of water it will meltdown, causing an explosion and radiation.

Nuclear weapons

There are two nuclear weapons, atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. Both weapons cause a large explosion on impact and radiate the surrounding area but the hydrogen bomb is more powerful. The atomic bomb has an explosion strength of 30 and causes radiation within a 25 block radius for 2 minutes and the hydrogen bomb has an explosion strength of 75 and causes radiation within a 50 block radius for 5 minutes. For scale, TNT has an explosion strength of 4. The explosions do not cause damage to blocks. To launch a nuclear weapon, click the item while looking in the direction you want the missile to fire and it will explode on impact.


Your radiation level is displayed in a bar on top of your screen. Radiation causes weakness, nausea and ultimately death at 100 rads. Sources of radiation include: holding nuclear waste, standing near nuclear waste, reactor meltdowns, and nuclear weapons. Your radiation level will slowly decrease as time passes or you can use radiation pills to significantly reduce your radiation level. The amount of radiation a player receives from a radiation source can be reduced by wearing hazmat gear. For each piece of hazmat gear the player is wearing, the amount of rads received is reduced by 25% so if the player is wearing a full hazmat suit they are fully protected from all radiation.