A town is a group of residents with a mayor. You can create a new town with /t new for $2000. A town can claim territory with /t claim for $200 per chunk. Residents are protected from outsiders in the town's territory unless their nation is at war. You can view all town commands with /t ?.

Town ranks


Town elections

The mayor of a town can convoke an election and let the residents run for mayor and vote on candidates until the election finishes. The candidate who has the most votes is elected as mayor. You can view all election commands with /telect.


A nation is a collection of united towns. A nation has a capital town whose mayor is the leader of the nation. You can create a nation with /n new for $20000. Being in a nation comes with benefits such as being able to teleport to each town in the nation, making trade and travel easier. However, towns in nations are forced into war if a nation declares war on another nation. The nation must kick the town or be conquered by another nation to leave their current nation. You can view all nation commands with /n ?.


When a war is declared, nations have 12 hours of preparation time before towns can be conquered. Towns in nations have 50,000 loyalty points and the capital town has 100,000 loyalty points. A town's loyalty can be decreased by standing the town's claims. When a town reaches 0 loyalty, the town is given to the enemy nation. A loyalty point is lost every second it is under capture. When there are no residents online in the nation, only half of a loyalty point is taken every second. A war is won if all towns of a nation are conquered. The capital town can't be conquered before all other towns in the nation have been conquered. Wars will end after 7 days if no nations have won the war. A nation can't participate in a war for 7 days after their previous war ended. Loyalty of a town is also decreased when its residents are killed by enemies.

War commands

  • /war list - View all active wars.
  • /war status - View loyalty of towns in a nation at war.
  • /war declare - Declare war against a nation.
  • /war end - Offer peace with enemy nation.
  • /war pvp - Toggle damage of players not related in war in your town.
  • /war leavenation - Pay your nation $5000 to leave.