Support the development of Datearth and earn some neat perks at shop.datblock.com. We strive to keep the perks fair while giving those that support the server something nice in return. The perks are meant as small bonuses that make the game a bit easier and fun as a thank you to our supporters.

Perk VIP VIP+ VIP++ MVP MVP+ MVP++ Royal
Ability to have more chest shops. 15 20 25 30 40 60 100
Get more money when voting. 25 30 40 50 60 80 150
Get a rank vote chest when voting.
Get access to the /gold shop.
Express yourself with /emotes.
Toggle night vision with /nv.
Send mail with /mail send.
Spawn a balloon with /balloons.
Sort your chests with /chestsort.
Equip an item as a hat with /hat.
Color sign text with color codes.
Open a crafting table with /craft.
Keep your experience on death.
Repair an item with /fix once a day.
Shoot kittens with /kittycannon.
Play music within an area with /music.
Non-combat fly in your town with /tfly.
Open your ender chest with /echest.
Change weapon skin with /skins.
Non-combat feed hunger with /feed.
Change projectile color with /trails.
Lambsauce's head in rank vote chest.
Change your display name with /nick.
Royal purple chat messages in chat.